Founded in 1975 by a cosmetic physician, the first product produced was made exclusively from plant extracts and was an instant sensation. LIERAC quickly became the No. 1 French dermo-cosmetic brand (dermatology based cosmetic) specialized in the correction of skin aging but also of skin disorders left untreated.

A Unique Experience for Your Senses

Since its creation, LIERAC made a priority to formulate highly sensorial products. From the elegance of the perfume to the touch of its textures, everything is created to bring women into a very unique experience for the senses, a true source of pleasure. LIERAC lab reinvented active textures to offer to each woman a feeling of well-being and efficacy from the very first contact with the skin.

The Nature

Since 1975, nature and vegetal products have been a major focus of research for LIERAC. Relying on advanced scientific discoveries, LIERAC Laboratories use more than ever efficient extracts like plant molecules and super-activated complexes boasting the highest concentrations of active ingredients.